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Baby Wash

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Bath time is one of the most memorable events in a Mother’s Daily routine & it helps increase the depth of the bond between the Mother and her baby.

Newborn baby’s skin is very soft and supple when they are born. To maintain this tenderness, every Mother is very protective towards their newborn avoiding any contact to harmful environment, air or chemicals but also feel responsible to keep the baby clean and use the best hygiene products for her baby. Our Baby Wash which has Natural Ingredients with properties like anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and moisturising effect, leave the baby’s skin so soft and protected that it you and you little angel would just love it.

  • 100 ml
  • 300 ml

  • Pour Baby Wash onto a wet sponge or hands and apply to baby's skin.
  • Lather, rinse and repeat, if necessary.
  • Prevent direct contact with eyes.