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Baby Hair Oil

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Hair oiling is come over as a tradition where the mother puts hair oil on her child and this continues further to next generation. Head massaging with hair oil also helps strengthen the Head and facial muscles. It also reduces the stress level. And so has this been carried over from one generation to the next which is our small cuddly newborns. Little Angel Baby Hair Oil has Sunflower oil, a rich source of Oleic acid which is a well known Natural hair growth stimulant apart from Vitamins and nutrients.

Newborns sleep long initially least 6 mnths to 1 year and usually at this time their hairs become very rough due to the head movement. So at this time if mothers apply hair oil it nourishes the hair very well.

So we recommend to use Little Angel Baby hair oil which smoothens and protects you Little Angel’s hair and makes them less entangled.

  • 100 ml
  • For External use only.
  • Prevent direct contact with eyes.
  • Avoid usingin case of wounds, rashes and skin infection.