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Baby Anti-Rash Cream

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Rashes on baby’s skin is one the major fear in every mom’s mind and heart. The upper layers of a Baby’s skin are very thin, upto 10 times thinner than an adult’s. This makes is very sensitive and prone to external attacks from harmful factors. The major reason of occurrence of rashes on the baby’s skin is when the ammonia content in stool or urine passed by the baby touches the scratched skin. This forms redness on the skin which makes the baby cry and cranky. As during monsoons and winters the moisture level is more in air they baby skin is more prone to rashes due dampness.

Cure ? Little Angel Rashes Cure cream when applied on the skin forms a thin protective layer on the affected area and heals the rashes with its carefully designed formulation.

  • 50 g

Just wipe the nappy or other affected area with Little Angel Super soft wipes and apply a thin layer of Little Angel Rashes Cure Cream and let the Mango Butter, Aquaxyl, Grape Seed Oil, Shea Butter and many more natural ingredients work their magic and make your Little Angel carefree and happy.